Team Members:

Anthony Blatner
Matthew Catanzaro
Thomas Knack

WiCam : Wireless iPhone Camera

The WiCam application will be able to display images from multiple webcams and change the current webcam's orientation if it is equipped with appropriate pan and tilt capabilities.

The accelerometer sensor in the iPhone feels acceleration from external forces such as setting the iPhone in motion or stopping the iPhone from moving. The pan and tilt functionality will be operated using the acceleration due to gravity felt by the iPhone in the x, y, and z axis.

The WiCam applicationalso possesses a feature which allows the webcam to remain in a fixed state, so that the iPhone can be moved and rotated without affecting the viewing field of the chosen webcam. This is accomplished by switching the application’s mode from “Accelerometer” to “Manual”.

Lastly, the application is capable of taking screenshots of the current webcam video feed and storing them on the iPhone's internal memory for viewing within the default photo album.