Rochester Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Senior Design Project - Winter & Spring 2009-2010


Sean CassidyFrank JennerJon Szymaniak


The Meter Maven project offers an efficient means of metered parking. Consumers are able to pay for parking with a convenient smart card, and can be reimbursed for any unused time.

All parking meter status updates are relayed over a wireless mesh network to a centralized base station, where they are posted to a web page. This allows parking enforcement officials to easily detect parking infractions, and also helps motorists with web-enabled mobile devices to find vacant parking spaces.

The Meter Maven system is designed to be easily deployable. The use of an onboard solar panel and backup battery eliminates dependencies on the power grid and provides a sustainable source of energy. The wireless networking functionality eliminates the need to deploy a wired network infrastructure.


The Meter Maven project team would like to thank:

Dr. Roy Czernikowski for his guidance and support throughout the project.
Richard Tolleson for his administrative support and facilities.
MaxBotix Inc. for discounts on ultrasonic sensors.
Maxim IC for providing samples and evaluation components.
Advanced Card Systems, Ltd. for the donation of smart cards and a development kit.
Digi International, Inc. for providing excellent technical support services
The Szymaniak family for their generous financial donation.