Wi-Fi Based Remote Exploration Vehicle
RIT Computer Engineering Senior Design:  Spring 2009
Nick Palladino, Eric Offermann, Kevin Hicks

Project Description




    A software and hardware system has been created that allows for the remote control of a four-wheeled vehicle with a mounted webcam. The user interface is located at a control station computer, which communicates wirelessly with the vehicle. The user can log into the system and start control of the vehicle. The webcam's image is visible on the control station computer, allowing the user to see any objects that may obstruct the vehicle's path. The speed and direction of the vehicle is controlled with a USB steering wheel and foot pedals; a USB joystick is also provided to pan and tilt the webcam, adjusting the current view seen at the control station computer. The principal purpose of the vehicle is to control the location and orientation of the webcam to provide visual monitoring of different locations. The vehicle can be commanded over the internet from remote locations; however the control may exhibit modest response delays because of conflicting network traffic.

Code Repositories

The project is organized in two separate code repositories. The Control Station software is written in Java and makes up the first repository. The Gumstix computer code is written in C and also includes shell scripts; this makes up the second repository. The SVN repositories are hosted by Google Code, more information can be obtained at the respective project pages.

Control Station Project Page
Gumstix Project Page