RIT Computer Engineering Senior Design Project Spring 2009

Jeff Kemp - Matt Prokop - Michael Sanfilippo

The goal of this project is to develop a sensor network system for home monitoring that will be highly customizable / reconfigurable through an intuitive user friendly interface. The initial release of the system will include the following sensors: temperature, open-closed door sensor, ambient light, and motion. The base-station of the system will be connected to the internet through an existing connection. The internet connection will give the user the ability to view any sensors and control any aspect of the system remotely through a secure web interface.

Figure 1: This is an overview of HomeSense system architecutre. The base station communicates directly with the internet, phone network, touch interface, and wireless modules.

Previous projects as well as some commercial systems have designed home sensor systems. The main differentiating goal of this project versus previous systems is to provide a highly configurable system through a robust user interface design and to develop a system that is easily extendable through the use of a standard interface protocol.

Figure 2: This shows the sample modules we will be developing for our first complete prototype.