The Project

The Beirut Bot is designed to acquire targets (usually red cups) and visually determine the distance to the target. The robot then fires a ping-pong ball out of its pneumatic cannon into the target.

Why? Because the game of Beirut(Beer Pong) is played by individuals or teams facing off and attempting to throw ping pong balls into the opposition's cups. When a ball lands in a cup, the team that owns that cup must drink whatever liquid is in it and remove the cup. The first team to lose all their cups loses. This is usually played as a game of 2v2 and the liquid in the cups is most often beer.

This project encompasses a few different fields of design and we have run into all sorts of new problems (to us). Pneumatics is something we had never worked with before this project. While we had worked with electricity, it tended to be DC and low power. This project required us to work with electricity directly from a standard wall outlet (AC and much higher power). But regardless of the academia involved, we just wanted to make something neat.