autonomous weapon turret

TODO: Image of the Autonomous Weapon Turret

Autonomous Weapon Turret

David Brenner and Cory Merkel

Senior Design Project - Spring 2009
Rochester Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering

The Autonomous Weapon Turret (AWT) is a scalable system designed to detect, track, and fire at moving targets. A standard USB webcam and laptop are used to do the motion detection and tracking. The weapon system is a simple compressed air powered gun constructed out of PVC. The projectiles are small, dense, foam-rubber balls. The AWT responds to two modes of control, USER and AUTONOMOUS, which allow the weapon to be fired based on user choice and autonomous target-detection, respectively.

The idea of an autonomous weapon turret (or sentry gun) is certainly not novel. However, this system includes the "home-made" construction of both a relatively high-powered compressed air gun and image tracking software that utilizes the OpenCV library. The source code for this project is freely available.