Automated Mail Delivery System Department of Computer Engineering

Michael Garrity, Peter Nahas

Rochester Institute of Technology

 and Cory Haflett

Senior Design Project, Fall 2007


The Autonomous Mail Deliver System (AMDS) was designed for use in a standard office environment. The AMDS would consist of a reflective track placed on the floor of the office. Perpendicular to the track will be indicators to designate the location of all of the offices. The system can handle 12 deliveries plus one office designated as the main office. The main office will be used at the starting and ending point for the robot. The system will start in a docile state where, at the main office the mail person will load the mail into the appropriate locations and press the button for each office that needs to have mail delivered to it. Once all the mail has been placed into the carrier and the offices have been selected, the mail person will set the robot on the reflective track and presses the Go/Resume button. The robot will then follow the track and stop when it comes to an office that has mail to be delivered. Upon reaching each target office the robot will stop and sound a buzzer to inform the office occupant that there is mail to be picked up. After a time out period the robot will proceed to the next office. This pattern will continue until the robot returns to the main office. If at any point an obstacle gets in the way of the robot, the car will slow down and sound the buzzer as a warning. If the object gets within 10 of the robot, it will come to a complete stop and wait until the obstacle has been moved and the resume button has been pressed.


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