Automated High Dynamic Range Image Capturing System

RIT Department of Computer Engineering                          Senior Design Projects

Angela Buttrick | Nathan Naber | John Olender                                        Fall 2007

Automated Image Capture for Canon Digital Cameras

The objective of this project is to automate the process of taking high dynamic range (HDR) images using a conventional low dynamic range (LDR) camera. An HDR image is able to capture a much higher level of detail than a LDR image, as it is able to capture a much wider dynamic range of intensities than a regular LDR image is able to. To obtain a HDR image from a standard digital camera, a series of pictures must be taken at a variety of shutter speeds. This can be achieved through the use of a microcontroller to send appropriate commands to the camera.

Our project automates this process so that the user simply utilizes the remote control unit (RCU) to take pictures and then once the camera is done working, the user can download the cameras to their PC to use our GUI to perform the image processing to produce a final HDR picture.