Rochester Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Senior Design Project - Fall 2006

By Steven Davis, Elizabeth Fehrmann, and Seth Groder

This project will automatically log a game of Go competition between two players. Log files will be saved in the standard SGF format that has the ability to record the size of the board being used and each move made. The project should also allow games to be reloaded / reviewed by an external program such as GNU Go or CGoBan. On startup, the system will be placed in a suspended state in which no capturing or logging of moves on the board will begin until a New Game command has been issued from the Java applet. The user interface will include a Java applet and several physical LEDs to provide system feedback to the user. These will be discussed in further detail later.


The inspiration for this project arose from current tournament Go play in which each move is currently logged by hand. The logging by hand requires one scribe at each game to write down each move made. Our project uses a 9 x 9 game-board which is smaller than the tournament sized 19 x 19 board because we just want to prove that the system can work