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CHRIS FELDER                  SENSOR HW, GUI
MIKE GARRITY                           USER GUIDE


Rochester Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Senior Design Project, Fall 2006

Project Overview

A small remote-controlled car will be outfitted with ultrasonic range fingers to detect and relay relative wall and object positions; this data will be used to construct a rough floorplan of the environment on a wirelessly-connected PC. Application areas include many varieties of constrained or hazardous environment exploration.

The car's direction of travel and speed will be monitored with an on-board compass and rotary encoder, respectively. Wireless transmission will be performed over a pair of 2.4GHz ZigBee modules; the host PC will receive, interpret, and condition the car's sensor data. An application for the PC will be created which tracks the sensor information and builds a virtual map in a graphical user interface. The user will be able to pan, zoom, rotate, print, and save these maps.

The vehicle is being constructed as a Computer Engineering Senior Design Project at the Rochester Institute of Technology, to be completed in Fall 2006.