Rochester Institute of Technology | Department of Computer Engineering | Senior Design Projects - Fall 2006
Mihir Daftari | Ka Fai Ng | Woo-Jin Park


The Colored Ball Sorter will be able to sort gumballs with the specified colors of red, green, and blue, and put them into appropriate bins. For this objective, our Colored Ball Sorter utilizes a HCS12 microcontroller, color camera, stepper motor, and two servo motors.

The basic mechanism of our ball sorter is as follows: the stepper motor dispenses one ball at a time through the sloped platform. The ball rolls down and meets a servo motor gate, which is used to hold the ball in place so that the camera can take its picture precisely. After taking a snapshot, the camera sends the picture information to the microcontroller via serial communication for the microprocessor to determine its color. The second servo motor at the base of the platform directs a tube to the appropriate color bin after the microcontroller approves of its color. The gate then opens for the ball to roll down to the bin.