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The H2X Autonomous Dual Navigation System Vehicle is a 4-wheel car robot that can navigate from point to point while avoiding obstacles. This vehicle may be used for autonomous exploration of remote and potentially dangerous locations that can pose a risk to human explorers. The objectives of H2X are threefold:
  • Long range operation
  • GPS guided navigation with three meter accuracy
  • Obstacle recognition and avoidance
The vehicle uses two systems for navigation – GPS and electronic compass. Communication with the vehicle is performed via a wireless connection to the base station (computer). From the base station the user can enter GPS destination coordinates (way points) to map out a path for the vehicle to take. The user can also track the vehicle’s position in real time. All obstacles encountered along the way (via a rotating ultrasonic range finder) are reported to the user. Once the vehicle receives destination(s) coordinates and is commanded to start moving it proceeds to the locations specified and avoids obstacles on the way. The GPS system identifies the vehicle’s coordinates and the destination coordinates. On every GPS coordinate update the onboard micro controller recalculates the remaining distance and heading to target. If the GPS signal is temporarily lost, the vehicle stops moving and waits for the signal to reappear.

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This Project was developed by
Sergei Kunsevich mail pic
Dmitriy Bekker mail pic
under guidance of
Dr. Roy S. Czernikowski
Senior Design
Winter 2005-2006
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Rochester Institute of Technology