Map It Once And Use It Forever!

Rochester Institute of Technology
Computer Engineering Senior Design Project
Winter 2005-2006

Designed and built by:
Eric Shields, Timothy LaForest, and Merve Evran

In this system, a robot will roam an enclosed area with random objects. If allowed to, the robot will do this autonomously, using a simple method. If the robot gets stuck in a loop or the user simply wishes to speed the robot's progress to a certain area, the user can click on a virtual map to designate a new place to map from. This map is displayed to them on the computer running the User Interface. The virtual map is updated as the robot's mapping progresses and is saved until the system is reset or exited. This interface also allows the user to convert the robot to a controlled mode, in which it will proceed to a destination provided by the user and wait for more commands.

Technical Overview:
The objective of this project is to create a robot that will be capable, with the assistance of a PC, of mapping an area, approximately 15 feet by 15 feet, then navigating the mapped area. The system will have a java-based user interface with a display of the mapped area and some controls and will communicate via 900MHz RF modules. The robot will make use of ultrasonic sensors, a magnetic compass, and infrared phototransistors for mapping and navigation. The robot will use the I2C standard for communication with the sensors (except for the phototransistors).

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