What is PAM?
A Computer Engineering Senior Design Project by:
Shawn Pfister, Timothy Stotts & Bhushan Mehendale

The eyewear by Eyetop which is used
to display real-time information

The Personal Ambience Monitoring system is designed to aid an individual using it by providing real-time information such as the individual’s heart-rate, external temperature, current position etc. in an easy to read form in front of him or her on a head-mounted display unit. The functionality of the system also includes a direct point-to-point link to a remote base station within 30ft that can communicate with the user in the form of text-messages sent to the display system. The head-mounted display consists of specially designed eyeglasses that let the user see through the non-prescription lenses as well as look at the information being displayed at the same time. The information collected at the user’s end is also transmitted to the remote base-station.

The project can be broadly divided into two parts—a base station and a mobile unit. The base station & the mobile unit exchange data by transceiving it within 30ft. The mobile station consists of 3 primary sensors—a heart-rate monitor, an external temperature sensor & a GPS receiver. The mobile unit continuously collects data from these sensors, and through the use of a special display controller displays it on the eyewear described above. At the same time, the mobile unit also sends this data to the base-station.

Click to see the high-level system block-diagram (opens a new window). Click to see the GUI for our system in action (opens a new window).






© 2005. Shawn Pfister, Bhushan Mehendale & Timothy Stotts.