Automatic Card Shuffler and Dealer
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The Automatic Card Shuffler and Dealer

RIT Department of Computer Engineering
Senior Design Project October 2005
Brian Cody, Matt Erhard, Justin Madigan

The Automatic Card Shuffler and Dealer does exactly what the name implies -- it is capable of shuffling a deck of cards and dealing multiple games to multiple plays. Draw and stud Poker variations, Euchre, President/Asshole and many more games are supported through an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Feel free to explore this project and its development!

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The Team

Left - Justin "Unbefugten Zutritt Verboten" Madigan,
Center - Mathew "Happy/Friendly/Funloving" Erhard
Right - Brian "Dude, where's my brain?" Cody

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11/2/05 - Project Complete
The project is finally complete and successfully demoed. Final report and project poster are available.

10/26/05 - Website rearrangement, demo tomorrow
Some small changes were made to the website structure. Technical details is now "Technical Highlights" and points to the documentation for more details. The timeline is now on the progress reports section which has been renamed "Timeline and Progress Reports." Costs have their own page.

10/24/05 - Project nearing completion, final demo Thursday (10/25), new pictures, more navigation links
The project is close to completion as the remaining tasks are mostly verification and closing the UI case. The final project demo will take place on Thursday, October 25th. Several new pictures are up. Navigation links have been added for the Final Report and Project Poster (preliminary versions available; subject to change without notice).

10/18/05 - Project functional, new action shots
The project hardware is functional and there are 5 new pictures for your viewing pleasure -- note that 3 of these are shots of the project in action!

10/9/05 - Progress, "Show and Tell"
The weekly progress report is up, along with more pictures. A large show-and-tell demo is coming up tomorrow!

10/2/05 - New Progress Report!
More progress (word document format) and a new frontpage picture. A new picture is also in the pics section showing off the dealer assembly with the shuffler. Check it out!

9/27/05 - New Progress Report Up
Check the progress reports section for a new progress report. Card shuffler and ejector main assembly now complete. Pictures coming soon!

9/22/05 - Pics and Progress!
New progress report and pictures of the ACSD in development! Redesigned homepage for improved clarity.

9/16/05 - Web site up and running!
The Automatic Card Shuffler and Dealer now has an official website. Current content includes the finalized project proposal, project design slideshow and one progress report. Pictures coming soon!

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