The Equalizer

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Our overall design project is a mobile electromagnetic bicycle trainer system.  The objective is to design a “bolt-on” system for a bicycle that allows a user to choose a level of resistance to be applied against the rear wheel.  This resistance makes the user either work harder to maintain the same velocity or effectively slow the user down through applying torque to the wheel.  The user will need to apply a greater force on the pedals to overcome the torque applied to the wheel.  This will serve multiple purposes to the user:

-         When two cyclists of different skill levels are riding together, a user-specified resistance on the more skilled cyclist’s system can equalize their speed but still provide both riders with a challenging workout. 

-         A cyclist who lives in a flat area can simulate hills by increasing the resistance on the bike at specific points in time where a simulation of a hill is desired. 

-         For the winter season the resistance mechanism can be used as an indoor trainer by propping the rear wheel on a tripod or roller system. The user will specify the resistance desired and can change it just like on an exercise bike.

The Equalizer system also interfaces a heart rate monitor system that tracks the user’s current heart rate.  This will help the user realize his/her level of exertion and will either adjust the resistance or their effort appropriately. 

Greg 'Buzer' Buzulencia

 Jeremiah 'The Jammer' Harmon

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