Autonomous Parallel Parking

Alex Braun & Sergey Katsev







Welcome to the Autonomous Parallel Parking project website.  The project is now complete.

Here is what the final design looks like:

Click here for a demonstration video of the functional project! In this video, the vehicle pulls out of a parking space, follows the track and detects the next space. It pauses, waiting for an override, and is overridden. It proceeds to look for the next space, and parks in that. It then pulls out of that space and parks in the next space.

Here is our schedule and progress (click on the image to see full size):

our progress

Here are links to our progress reports:
All progress reports are in the Microsoft Word format.

Progress Report 1
Progress Report 2
Progress Report 3
Progress Report 4
Progress Report 5
Progress Report 6
Progress Report 7


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