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Project Description

This main objective of this project is to build a small robot which will be capable of delivering mail or papers which weighs less than a pound in total to offices around the RIT computer engineering department.

There will be a designated starting point and orientation for the robot designated as a circle of photo reflecting tape. The user will be able to put the mail or paper work on a designated tray on the robot then enter in a destination for the robot to deliver its cargo.

The robot will be able to self navigate from the designated starting point to the desired destination while avoiding static and dynamic obstacles. When the robot has reached its destination, it will alert the receiver inside the office by alerting the user with a series of beeps from a miniature speaker. There will be a delivery confirmation button for the receiver to indicate that the robotís cargo was received successfully. If the button is not pushed within a minute, the robot will timeout and either return to the starting point with its cargo or travel to other destinations if there were more destinations that the robot was programmed to stop at for this trip. For the demo, the timeout will be set to 10 seconds to speed up the demo.

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Dr. Pratapa V. Reddy -