The Digital Notetaker transforms any ordinary whiteboard into an electronic whiteboard, allowing digital capture of any marks made on the whiteboard surface.

The goal of the notetaker is to be able to capture everything written on a whiteboard and save it to an electronic file. Capture will take place in real-time as the whiteboard is being written on with a marker.

The system consists of two main parts: a sensor strip and a sleeve for a marker. The marker sleeve fits around any standard whiteboard marker and emits periodic chirps of ultrasonic and infrared signals whenever the marker is being used to write. The sensor strip attaches to the top of the whiteboard to receive the signals emitted from the marker sleeve. The timing of the signals as they arrive at the sensor strip receivers is used to calculate the current position of the marker. This position is then used by an attached PC to display what has been drawn on the whiteboard.

Write on whiteboard

Digital Notetaker captures writing to PC