G-Force Data Acquisition System


Jared W. Moran & Roman C. Siryk

System Overview

    The G-force data acquisition system (GFM) calculates the Zero-to-X MPH time or the X mile time of an automobile along with the lateral g-force during cornering.  G-force measurements are obtained using the ADXL202AQC-1 accelerometer from Analog Devices.  The data from the accelerometer is interpreted by a microprocessor (Motorola 68HC12) and relayed to a laptop PC running a graphical user interface (GUI) Java application.  The data is transmitted to the interfacing laptop computer using RS-232 serial data communication.  Once the data has been received by the PC, the appropriate calculations will be made and the results are presented to the user through the GUI application on the PC.  Power is supplied to the system via the cigarette power receptacle located within the vehicle. 

Jared W. Moran & Roman C. Siryk
Rochester Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Fall 2003