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 Dave Chandler and Nathan Ransom 
Projects 2 - Fall 2003 


The purpose of this webpage is to follow the design and construction of a mobile color sensing robot. This robot will be controlled by a Gameboy Advance and a Motorola HC12 processor. The Gameboy Advance will provide the user interface and the overall state machine for the system. The HC12 will be used for motor and sensor control. The color sensing head will be mounted on a shuttle assembly that is only allowed to move laterally across the body of the robot. Once a scanning sweep has been completed the robot will roll forward to the next row of the color pattern.

The Gameboy and HC12 will communicate using a proprietary protocol that was developed for this particular application. The Gameboy will issue commands such as SLIDE_LEFT or DETECT_RED to the HC12 and when the desired action is completed the HC12 will respond with an ACK (acknowledgement) and the desired data, if applicable.