Auto-Driven Vehicle


Jason Gajowski and Nathan Schmarje

Abstract: The objective of this multi-disciplinary project is to design and create an Auto-Driven Vehicle that will be able to navigate itself through an abstract highway system. The vehicle will be able to travel to predefined destinations, which will be preloaded into tables as sample routes (recipes). There will be a minimum of two destinations that the user will be able to select.

General Description of Implementation:
   The vehicle navigates a path of reflective tape. On this path, non-reflective tape is laid in patterns that the vehicle computer verifies with internal driving commands. If what the computer detects matches what it is expecting the vehicle will perform a turn, fork,stop, or simply continue driving straight. Additionally, the vehicle can stop for red lights and objects in the path.
   The sensors used for the path are IR optoreflectors. The object sensors is a long distance optoreflector. The sensor used for shaft encoding is also an optoreflector. The red light sensor is a red light to voltage converter. The on-board computer is a Rabbit RCM2100. The base vehicle is a Traxxas Rustler that employs a servo motor to control steering and a second servo motor to control the DC drive motor speed.

Division of Work
  N. Schmarje - sensors and map creation
  J. Gajowski - vehicle programming and power circuitry


Project Movies

Vehicle Pictures

Project Schematics

  • Project Proposal
  • Haymaker: Both forks and 17 turns in one recipe
  • Completed Vehicle
  • MCU Circuit Diagram
  • Project Timetable
  • Haymaker 2: Opposite direction and no forking
  • Vehicle Control Board
  • PWM Circuitry
  • Design Review Presentation
  • Destination Turn Test
  • Sensor Module Board
  • Sensor Module Schematic
  • Progress Report(10/21)
  • Turn and Fork Test
  • Road Indicator Detectors
  • Road Indicator Sensors
  • Progress Report(10/14)
  • Object Detection Test
  • Object Detector with Lens
  • Object Detector Circuit
  • Progress Report(10/7)
  • Red Light Driving Test
  • Red Light Sensor
  • Red Light Sensor Circuit
  • Progress Report(9/30)
  • Shaft Encoder
  • Shaft Encoder Circuit
  • Progress Report(9/23)
  • Signal Emitters on the map
  • Signal Emitter Circuit
  • Progress Report(9-16)
  • Pictures from the Development Phase
  • Project Poster
  • Project Report(10/28/03)