Project Demo Performed
October 28, 2003

All Functionalities Implemented
October 17, 2003
Path sensing, barcoding and obstacle detection all working. Integration testing/tweaking in progress.


Automated Robotic Messaging System

Project Description

A.R.M.S. is an autonomous system capable of delivering messages and goods from point to point within a single floor office complex. A simple interface is presented to the user consisting of several status LEDs, one run switch, one stop switch and an array of four destination switches.

Several types of sensors are used in implementation to enable the robot to navigate its way around a predetermined path. The robot avoids collisions with both static and dynamic objects though the use of obstacle avoidance sensors and moves though the office using path following sensors. A barcode reader is used to allow the robot to determine if it has reached its programmed destination.

A microcontroller is used to collect all sensor and user input while controlling the robot's motors and user output. Running at 24 MHz and with 76 lines of I/O, the Adapt9S12DP256 by Technological Arts with Motorola's flagship 9S12DP256B microcontroller provides all of the horsepower this system requires.