Web-Based Home Monitoring & Control System

Guven Turgut ( gst3376@rit.edu )

Ibrahim Tunc ( ixt0031@rit.edu )

Winter Quarter 2002

Description :  The web based home monitoring and control system is a project that gives a person the ability to monitor and control his/her home remotely with the use of the internet.  The system was designed in a way that it would take minimal effort to add more complex controlling capabilities to the system.  The system allows the home owner to watch his house through a moving camera, monitor the temperature, see if any doors are open, turn on lights, etc.

The project proposal can be viewed here.

Hardware :     The hardware used involved:

                    - Motorola 68HC12 microprocessor

                    - Water Sensor - 2600T Surface Mount Water Sensor

                    - Door Sensor - PS-50/PSM-7 Safety Interlock Proximity Sensor

                    - Temperature Sensor - thermistor

                    - WebCam - Logitech QuickCam USB Pro

                    - Wooden Model Home - pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4

Software : There were 2 types of languages used: Java, and Motorola HC12 assembly.  The java programs served as the applet, and serial communications module for the HC12 and the server.  The HC12 code was written in a way to make it easy for serial communication with the Server.  An Apache WebServer was used as the server supplying the web page and other needed files.  A MySQL database was used to stores statuses, events, settings, and logs in the database.  XML-RPC was used to send procedure calls from the clients to the server machine.  A sample screenshot of the Web Applet can be seen here.