Senior Design Project

Jacks or Better Video Poker Machine


David Sears & Meaghan Hoffmann

Project Description
            The purpose of this project was to design a medium complexity multidiciplanary project of our choosing.  We decided it would be interesting to design a video poker machine.  The poker game itself is a  Windows based game that we designed based on the popular draw poker game called Jacks or Better.  This game is interfaced with a 68HC12 microcontroller, that in turn would be interfaced into a token acceptor and dispensor that we have built ourselves.
Game Overview
            The game is played in the following manner; a person deposits tokens into the token drop slot.  These tokens are detected by the token acceptor and additional credit is given to the user.  So long as the user has credits in the machine they may play the game.  The cost of each game played is one credit which is deducted automatically whenever the user starts a new game.  The minimum hand needed to win at this game is a pair of jacks, for a detailed look at the designated payout go to the Game Play section.  A video poker strategy guide shows you the best card to keep when drawing new ones.  The basic rules for video draw poker including winning hands can be helpful for those unfamiliar with the game of poker.

System Block Diagram

Type Part  Purpose
Microcontroller Motarolla 68HC12 Microcontroller used to control signals from the PC which determine the actions of the token dispenser motor.  It also recieves information from the token acceptor when a token is dropped and forwards it to the PC through serial.
Compiler Visual C++ High level compiler used to create the poker game, GUI, and control the overall game functionality.  This includes port communication with the motarolla microcontroller which include status inquiries and commands to drop tokens.
Assembler MiniIDE Used to create the s-records which in turn are used to program the EEPROM on the 68HC12.  This program controls the motor positioning, timer interrupts, and communication of status to the PC
Motor Futaba FP-S148 A basic servomotor used to dispense tokens from the system as requested.  It is controlled by the 68HC12's PWM port.
Sensors H21A2 (2) These sensors are coupled opto interrupter switchs.  At the token entry area one is used to detect tokens entering the system.  On the token discharge wheel a modified sensor was mounted to verify a token has been picked up.

GUI Design

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